Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Hello dear family, sorry for the long hiatus in writing.  Our days are repetitious which leaves little new to write about. We try not to repeat ourselves too much as is common in older people, so we won't bore you.   The missionary work is going well here.  It is awe-inspiring to watch the young missionaries at work and the excitement in the new converts as they take this leap of faith and change their lives for the better. 

We have gone out with the young missionaries on several occasions which is great fun.  One night we were to pick up the member who would translate for a Chinese sister who speaks no English.  She didn't come but this afforded us the opportunity to hear the conversion story of Sister Chan.  I think you will enjoy this.  She was actually born into a Christian family in China.  I am guessing that is rare.  This was before communism.  She married young (18).  Her husband graduated university with a degree in entomology.  He briefly went to the USA to do some research on food and bugs???  She moved to Hong Kong with their 5 month old baby.  Living with his family,  their baby died.  I don't know what caused his death.  She was extremely sad and lonely.  She started reading her brother's Bible.  She was raised Anglican but noticed something was missing.  "Love." "Where is the love as spoken by our Savior?"  Every sermon they preached told us we were sinners and going  to hell.  She searched other churches.  This took 8 years.  She couldn't find anything better so she returned to her church for another 7 years. Then one afternoon 2 missionaries (one from Indiana and one from Idaho) knocked on their door.  In the interim her husband had been asked to be a principal of a Christian school, so he decided he should become a Christian and joined his wife's church.  On her first meeting with the missionaries  she told them to return at 5:00.  She called her husband and told him to come home early from school because they had an appointment with these missionaries.  The first good impression they made was coming at that hour because dinner was at 5:00 p.m. and if you missed, you received no food.  They missed dinner for the Chan's, without blinking an eye.  "Back in the day"  the missionaries taught 17 lessons.  Chan's were very interested but were afraid to join in case it wasn't true and they had made irreversible changes.  They asked how much it cost to receive the discussions because in China everything cost money.  They were excited to find out there was no cost, a bit shocked, too.  The night after the 16th discussion she had a dream.  She saw a bright light.  She said isn't that funny, I was already asleep with my eyes closed, but in my dream I had to close my eyes.  A voice said to her, "Repent for the kingdom of God is at hand."  She never mentioned the dream to her husband.  The next morning she announced they would be baptized.  He agreed.  This was 1958!  She has been active for 50 years.  They had 6  children, 4 are still living and he has since passed away.  She said her husband made many sacrifices for their family. Sacrifices so they could have a family:  so their children could have the Gospel, freedom and an education.  They were sealed in the Hawaii Temple and their children were sealed to them in the Salt Lake Temple.  Sister Chan, this tiny little 84 year old Saint, melted my heart.  I walked her back to her building and offered to walk her to her apartment.  She takes the stairs not the elevator.  At parting, she was hugging and kissing me, telling me that she loves me.  She was not a stranger but surely a fellow Saint and I love her too.  My life was lifted by this short encounter with a Saintly woman who has given all to know Christ.  I will try and attach some pictures of her and our trip to Minnesota.  I love you all, you are the greatest treasures in my life.


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