Sunday, January 15, 2012

We had District meeting yesterday.  We have a new District leader, Elder Vankomen.  What an awesome young man.  He led a good meeting.  He centered the meeting on 6 things that will build our Faith.  This meaning Faith in Christ so we will be good missionaries. 

First, 3 statements from Preach My Gospel  " The doctrines and principles in this chapter will strengthen your faith that the Lord IS preparing people to receive you and the restored gospel.
#2  Seek to strengthen your faith that God is preparing His children to receive the message of the Restoration.  #3 Believe that people who are being prepared to receive the message of the Restoration will be placed in your path."

6 things that will build your Faith:
1-Bear your testimony...this helps you and the investigator or person at the door because they see personal relevance and your sincerity
2-Be obedient...when you are obedient the Lord is bound (D&C 82:10)
3-Be Diligent
4-Combine social & spiritual with door-knocking/visiting.  Be genuine in your interest of every person.  Get to know them by asking questions. 
5-Give everything you have:  talents, skills, be yourself with dignity and with urgency.  Offer to give service
6-Help them recognize you care about them.

There were testimonies given that prove these principles to be true.  I will mention one.  Two Elders in Dryden walked into a Christian Ministry Center that helps the poor and offered to serve.  They were put to work.  They kept coming back to help.  The minister invited them into his office.  This is a man with 2 degrees, his Master's being in Theology.  His said to them you have 2 hours to tell me everything you know about Jesus Christ.  They did.  He said he had never met any young men like them, that they taught him, he learned things he never knew.  He has continued with the discussions, has resigned his ministry and is being baptized in February.  I wonder how he will announce this to his congregation?  wouldn't you like to be a fly on the wall there!

These Elders are amazing.  They got to discussing these things and decided that they needed to raise the bar for themselves.  They devised a plan.  They pumped each other up.  Elder Vankomen said, text me (this is allowed between DL & missionaries) when you find a new investigator and I will pass the good news along and it will inspire us all to work harder.  Wow, we left with a tremendous feeling, with a goal of working harder.  It was 4 degrees yesterday and snowing.  They went right to work.  Dad and I went to visit a less active sister who is actually an angel.  Her husband who is only 65 is blind from diabetes, just had his big toe amputated because a worker cut him while trimming his toenail and it wouldn't heal.  He is faithful at coming to Church, but she was offended over 25 years ago and hasn't come since.  She has a great sense of humor, I very much liked her.  We came home and made dinner and then went back again.  It was really cold and still snowing.  I had donned my boots.  As we approached the home we were visiting I heard quite a commotion behind me.  Much to our chagrin dad went down on ice covered cement bricks.  I feared the 2 thumps I heard included his head.  Thankfully, it was a hip then elbow.  Oh, it hurt.  He never let out a squawk though.  We brushed the snow off of him while he make me take an oath that I wouldn't mention this to the people we were visiting.  He is very blessed that nothing is broken, only bruised and very sore.  So I suggested that he join me in my goal not to break a hip on this mission.  I know I'm next, I pray to avoid it.  It is 0 degree today and we have several appointments.  We have concluded there is more than warmth that comes from wearing many layers.  AKA extra cushioning!  We were glad we went to this particular home.  The sister is recovering from surgery and they called her to give her some good news and some bad news.  She goes today to find if she has to have chemotherapy.  Dad and her husband administered to her and it was a special blessing.  We continue to feel the Lord's blessings and are growing in our testimonies and resolve to serve Him all the days of our lives.  What a blessing the Restoration is to the world.  When you stop to think, how things were the same from Adam until the rediscovery of America.  Then look what has happened in the world since the Restoration in 1820: mode of transportation, education, medicine, inventions, etc.  It has mushroomed and has continued to increase since that day.  Unfortunately, Satan always has an evil counter use for about every invention, but his days are numbered and he knows it.  It just galls ya that he has deceived some of the best people I have ever known.  Well, dear family, we love you and pray for you and miss you more than words can express.  Carry on! This is the greatest work(especially your calling to teach your children) and best way of life on earth!


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