Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Have you ever had a really good day and bad day at the same time?  Hard to comprehend as it may be, it happened today.  I will try to explain.  On our way to our area, while driving, we were at a stop light.  Our car was on the inside lane of a 3 lane boulevard, we were first at the light.  We heard a police siren and were trying to look to see which direction he was coming from so we could move appropriately.  The policeman was in an unmarked grey Dodge 6-pack truck coming from the opposite direction.  He went through the red light, his headlights flashing but very hard to see, when he was smashed by a blue SUV.  You know how things turn to slow motion some times?  The collision turned that truck on the slippery road so fast.  I saw the bumper coming right for Jim's window and at the exact height for Jim's upper body and face.  I could only say a fast prayer soliciting protection for him.  There was a small cement median between us.  Somehow, and I know it was by Divine Protection, the truck sheared the light pole right in two.  It went down behind us landing on the hood of a small car.  The cold makes things shatter even more profusely.  We had refuse on our hood and windshield, under the car, all over the lane to our right.  Everyone had seatbelts on.  The young officer was first out of his rig and checked on the other driver who was stunned.  Jim gave the driver and the police officer our phone number and surveyed our car.  We were unscathed.  It is a miracle.  There is no way he could have missed us.  I admit at the point I knew the impact was coming I braced myself and closed my eyes.  When I didn't feel anything I opened my eyes in utter amazement.  How could this be?  Well, I am so glad we were blessed when we were set apart with special protection; plus family prayer that morning.  We are very sad for those vehicles and people involved but at the same time so grateful that we weren't hurt and our old car lives for another day.  We were released from the scene, went to the Church and offered a prayer of gratitude.  Have the days of miracles ceased?  I can answer that one!  NO!

After prayer we went back to work.  Every house we contacted and every person we talked to on the phone turned us away saying they wanted no contact with the Church any more.  It was very depressing.  I was questioning my ability to greet people.  What were we doing  wrong?  We had asked the Spirit to guide and direct our very words because we never want to offend a single soul,  just invite people to come back to Church or to find out if there is some way we can serve or answer questions, etc.  Bad day!  One young woman was so vehement and said please just quit calling me and hung up.  I waited and called back, thinking I was talking to her I tried to explain that we visit everyone on the roles, it is a requirement of the Lord that we check on each other so we can serve and help if needed.  Ends up it was her mother.  I apologized for giving her my speech.  I commented on how angry her daughter was and she concurred saying she had been angry a good while.  I then told her there was only one way to keep anyone from contacting her again.  I explained the process.  But I feel really bad about the whole thing.  There are dozens of people that feel the same way,  I don't get it.  I fear many people join the Church too fast not knowing that they are expected to serve and help others, not just sit and be entertained.  And of course there are those who join without knowing another person and have no one to sit with and feel like an outsider.  Admittedly, that would be really difficult.  Well tomorrow will be another day and we will work harder on our approach.  I would like the chance to explain to people that if it was Christ himself visiting you, He would know the perfect thing to say to you.  We don't know the "perfect" thing to say, but will try to do what He would have us do.  
Well, we still love being missionaries and hopefully tomorrow will just be a good day.  Remember dear family: study, pray, love and serve each other will all your heart.   God will make up for our shortcomings and in Eternity bless us to be a forever family. 

Love you all,
mom, grandma, Sister Basting 

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  1. I've enjoyed reading about your missionary adventures! Sounds like you've already had a bunch! Glad I didn't have weather as cold in Chile as you do in Canada...brr!

    Much love and success,