Sunday, February 5, 2012

Hi everyone!

Last Saturday was a great day.  Elder Rothey and Elder Duford had a baptism.  They serve in the Young Single Adult Ward.  The young man is Xiao Che Chi, affectionately referred to as Teddy.  He is the only child of an orthopedic surgeon in Mainland China.  His parents sent him here to study electrical engineering.  He met an LDS young returned missionary who apparently invited him to Church.  The YSA group are wonderful young people.  They quickly became friends;  the elders taught him; his friend David baptized him.  The baptism was a wonderful experience.  I hope Teddy's family will be alright with him becoming a Christian.  Word has it that the Church has many little branches in China.  If you are already a member you can meet together in a member's home.  Tracting is still not legal there.  That must be why so many join while visiting other countries and then take the Gospel back to China with them.  The Lord really does work in mysterious ways.  There is a picture attached of his friends who sang at his baptism.  They are a group of wonderful, talented Filipino young adults.  After the baptism, lots more joined with them and Teddy and circled the piano and sang hymns and primary songs.  The rest of the world would call them strange, peculiar, geeks.  The Lord calls them His and they are loved.  Great young people!!!!
Bye for now, I love you.  Mom

Teddy and Elder Skinner after the baptism

Elder Rothey and Elder Duford

YSA (young single adult group)

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