Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Thought you might enjoy seeing what it was like last year at this time!  Wow, we only have a few inches now.  They have a place in town where they make hills from the snow they remove and it didn't disappear last year until late August!  We feel very blessed that we are experiencing such a mild winter.  Of course, we are freezing some days but generally it is quite workable.  We love the sunshine and are learning to deal with ice.  Dad has done a tremendous job driving; that includes dodging all the other hazards in a big city with terrible roads and crazy drivers!

The missionary in the picture is Sister Poulton, a woman of great faith.  She served as a missionary (before she married), that mission was in Australia.  She did not meet her husband until she was a bit older.  They married and were married for 13 years when he had a reoccurrence of skin cancer that had gone to his brain.  She worked for a while after his passing and then felt the urge to serve again.  She is not old enough to retire or to receive SSI; so she is living off her savings and is serving as the mission presidents personal secretary.  She is amazing.  She really relates to the young missionaries.  She lives in our building and it cracks me up; the other residents refer to her as the "skinny missionary," as she is very thin. 


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