Sunday, February 19, 2012

A beautiful, sunny Saturday.  We did a little laundry, tied a quilt for Sister Paulson and then splurged and went for a long walk in the beautiful Assiniboine Park.  We are pictured on the footbridge crossing the river.  Picture #2 shows children and adults ice skating, having a blast.  There is a large glass enclosed area to eat your lunch or warm up and watch your children, too.  Picture #3 joins the ice skating rink and is one of the biggest hills in Winnipeg.  The children are giggling as they ride their toboggans or sleds down this.  These people might have apoplexy if they were in the Cascades and saw a real hill or better yet a mountain!.  We could actually walk from our apartment across this park and down Shaftesbury to the office.  We figure it is about 51/2 kilometers.  Don't know if these feet could handle that every day though.  There is a conservatory with accompanying restaurant, zoo, miniature train, soccer and baseball fields, miles of trails (that are full), a museum, and lots more that we haven't seen yet.  Can't wait to see this place in the Spring when all the hardwoods bud and leaf out.  It is going to be beautiful.  The sun gets a little higher in the sky every day.  It is not getting dark until 5:45 now so the days are definitely getting longer.  Yeah!

Thursday we knocked on doors checking addresses again.  This was one of our better days.  We found a few people home and had some nice visits.  We found many people moved as per usual.  The longest period of time has been 10 years and as short as 6 months.  People are very guarded and cautious.  They usually won't give out addresses but one fellow gave us some phone numbers.  Elder B. called them and left messages.  We actually got a ring back; unfortunately is was 4:56 a.m. and I didn't make the phone in time.  Tuesday night we had a visit with a non-member.  We cannot call it an actual discussion because we did not begin or end with prayer.  He is married to a member who has never really been active, but she desires to be sealed to him for all eternity and not just for time.  He thinks he believes in God but is not sure yet.  He cannot join a church just for her, bully for him, we applauded him for that.  We told him there was only one reason to join.  Of course you know what that is.  We invited him to read the Book of Mormon and to pray.  He is wondering why God hasn't spoke to him to tell him if He lives or if the Church is true or not.  We explained the gift of Agency, and that God will never force anyone.  He is very bright and a deep thinker, so he retorted with, so you are saying that I am going to have to do the work, read and find out for myself?  We left after an hour and a half.  His wife never came out, she was on the phone.  He invited us to come back, so that is good.  His wife told us in advance that he does not like to be pushed.  I don't think we did.  He has a teaching degree in history but is working for the Canadian lottery and tutors on the side.  He has been a security guard and has experience in martial arts.  Super nice guy.  He and his wife just got married.  She has 2 sons from a previous boyfriend and they have the cutest little 2 year old girl and are expecting #4.

Last night we were invited to a members home.  It was really fun.  She made wheat chili, cornbread and sugarless carrot cake for Elder B.  It was all delicious.  They have 3 awesome children, Brandon, 13 who is the Deacon's Quorum President ( he was one of the first to welcome us to the London ward and shake our hands, really nice young man), Dylan (probably 10 or 11) and Morgan, another darling little girl, she is 6.  The amazing thing is, all the kids visited at the dinner table for 2 hours without leaving.  I haven't seen kids sit that still for years.  Their dad is a master at solving rubit's cube.  So we timed him.  Wow how does he do that?  The kids are learning, too.  The father told us an amazing story that just happened to him last year.  He had to have his tonsils out, they were huge?  He went to ICU afterwards not knowing why.  He had a blessing previous to the surgery, thankfully.  Some nurse made an error and left the ICU.  He got up to go to the washroom and could feel something running down his throat.  He made it back and commented that he wasn't feeling to good and thought he was going to pass out.  The next thing he remembers was coming to with the nurse sitting on him doing chest compressions, calling his name and telling him to come back.  When he opened his eyes he was surrounded by doctors and nurses and a crash kit.  He recognized a member of his stake, he was one of the doctors working on him.  He threw up 3 liters of blood so had to have a transfusion and suffered from anemia for a short time.  I am happy to report that he fares well today.  I am so glad he was spared after meeting his wonderful family. 

We have so much to be thankful for.  We are more grateful for our family and friends, as each day passes.  We don't know what we ever did in this life anyway to deserve such wonderful people in our lives, but there you are.  We appreciate your support, we have felt protection from your prayers and we love hearing from you.  Have to admit seeing a letter in the mailbox or the inbox of the email machine is very exciting.  God lives, He loves us individually.  He sent us here to live on the earth at this particular time in history because He knew we could navigate through enemy territory and still teach our family the Gospel.  If Mormon could raise Moroni successfully, we can do the same.  We have so much more help: The Church and righteous leaders: the wonderful Book of Mormon and the Bible; and lots of good, strong, faithful people to help us.  We count our blessings every day and are so thankful for you.  Carry on!  This work is true. 

Love to all! 
Sister B.  Mom, grandma

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