Thursday, October 18, 2012

Hello familia,

We love you!  How is everyone? It is still hot and muggy here but I love it!  We have been doing a lot of driving the past 2 weeks.  We have gone to Saskatoon, SK; Regina, SK (to look at the Temple); Brandon, MB; Dryden, Ontario and yesterday to Dauphin, MB.  We have seen amber waves of grain galore!  The wheat is being harvested now.  The flax blooms in a beautiful blue hue.  Then there are miles of beautiful yellow canola fields.  The President took us to Saskatoon for zone conference.  Dad drove a car, I drove the mission van and the President went in his SUV.  While there dad sold the SK truck, delivered the car in exchange and then counseled the elders and sisters on safe driving.  The President booked us in a really nice suite in the Holiday Inn.  I said I felt rather guilty about the plush accommodations.  He said it was all he could get.  There was a big convention in town that had booked most rooms earlier.  Oh well, we suffered through it.  We figured out what convention was in town when the elevator doors opened to a crowd of friendly Hell's Angels.  They were polite and quite nice.  We were gone 4 days, came home on Thursday and then loaded the truck and trailer with furniture and supplies for the Dryden senior couple.  We arrived in Dryden about 2:00 p.m. and started unloading.  There was no elevator in the building so we had to pack everything up to the 3rd floor.  I, we, were dripping sweat!  Two brothers showed up from the elder's quorum to help with the queen size bed.  Dad still had to help because one brother was physically unable to do it.  We were pretty worn out so we got a motel that night and did a little sight seeing and headed home.  Then this week we spent in transfer preparation.  On Tuesday I went outside to knock a few apples off the tree for a doe and fawn that entertain us through our office window.  Dad warned me not to because he got stung by a hornet the week before when we were doing some yard work.  I didn't realize that the branch I started on had the hornet's nest attached.  I am sure the same guard dog hornet came out and stung my ankle.  It only hurt for about 10 minutes and then it started itching.  It has gotten worse every day.  It looks like a sprained ankle due to swelling but nope, it is just a puny sting.  Not comparable to Seth's dog bite but I thought you would love the picture.  We have been closing an apartment above us.  I finally got it cleaned out except the heavy stuff.  The wonderful assistants came and helped us along with the Olsen's.  So the picture "like father, like son or like son, like father"... that one is for guess who?  Then the next day (Friday) we loaded up another trailer and moved stuff to Dauphin.  That area will open with elders this week.  I feel guilty sending them to this apartment.  No one had seen it ahead of time.  Not too good.  Hope these elders are strong willed.  They are going to need faith!  On the way to Dauphin, we had to go through Riding Mountain Provincial Park.  hey, the Canadian version of a mountain and real trees.  It was beautiful with several pristine lakes.  We are back in Winnipeg today.  Next week the President is opening Swift Current.  We are hoping we don't have to go there.  Maybe we can get some member help for it is quite a distance.  We figure we have driven 1,864 miles in the past 2 weeks.  Dad went to help the assistants today and clean the bug laden truck and took our London Elders to the Pioneer picnic.  I stayed home ALL day and deep cleaned.  It has been several weeks so it needed it.  All in all we are doing well, excluding my sleep being disturbed by violent itching.  I am sure glad I haven't  had poison oak, I don't think I would live through it!  I am attaching some pictures I hope you like. And a very happy birthday to our Natalie.  You are turning 8- it's great to be 8.  Sure sorry we won't be there for your baptism but we love you! 
We love all of you,


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