Thursday, October 18, 2012

Hi Family,

Wanted to drop you a note and a picture of Samuel.  He is investigating the Church and what a precious spirit he has.  He was originally from Congo.  He was kidnapped by rebels when he was 10.  He was already a Christian and knew he did not want to participate in the rebel army.  So he ran.  Three days and three nights without water or food.  He somehow made it to Uganda, I admit missing some of his story due to my hearing and his accent.  He lived 12 years there and was then able to immigrate to Canada.  He prays daily for the welfare of his family still trapped in Congo.  He warns them not to go against the regime or they will be killed.  He hasn't seen his family but he must be in contact by cell phone or internet--I am guessing.  He is learning the Gospel and I said to him, there might not be peace in the world but you will find peace in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  He grabbed my hand and with tears in his eyes, said, "Peace! Peace! Yes, Peace!"  I am really learning to count my blessings and am trying hard not to take freedom and other privileges for granted.  It was a blessing to meet him, though.  If I were rich, I would bring his family here to be with him.  I am so blessed to be able to see my family any time I want.  He hasn't seen his since he was 10.  Have you ever wondered what you did in the premortal life to deserve to be born in freedom & prosperity?  We are so blessed.  xoxoxo love you all, mom

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