Thursday, October 18, 2012

Hi everyone, just thought I would let you know we are on an adventure. Our mission president decided he wanted us to drive to Saskatoon for the Saskatchewan zone conference. The Manitoba zone conference was last week. The president is new (three weeks) and visited the SK missionaries for a get to know you. He decided to go tracting with a set of Elders and didn't like the way the senior companion drove, so he wants me to do the car inspections and safety talk instead of the assistants who traditionally do the job over in SK, I do them for the MB zone conference held in Winnipeg. It's a long way from Winnipeg to Saskatoon, at least an 8 or 9 hour drive. About 900 km at between 100 and 110 KPH. Top speed equates to 68 MPH. We stopped and saw the Regina Temple, very pretty but very small. Lots of farm ground to see. Signs for moose, deer and elk crossings on the highway. No rest areas to speak of and the few that exist are definitely not up to US standards. We will to call you when we get home or on Sunday. We get home on Thursday night and on friday go to Dryden Ontario (four hours east of Winnipeg) to set up an apartment for a new senior couple. Usually there have been Elders in Dryden but now a change. Dryden is about the size of Sweet Home with about 15 active members in the Branch. Fortunately we are on the church's dime using church vehicles and gas, other wise it would been very expensive for us. So, we have 2 days of vehicle inspections and I managed to sell a church pickup that need to be sold to a man here in Saskatoon. Very fortunate otherwise we would have had to drive it back to Winnipeg to sell. More to come later. 
Love you all,
Dad and Mom

Flax Field


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