Thursday, October 18, 2012

Hi again family, 
This is Lee.  She is 87 years old and just found the Gospel.  She is so excited and ready.  Her big worry was the baptism itself.  We were asked by the missionaries that were teaching her to take her to a baptism.  After that she was no longer afraid. She is very spry and "with it."  Her only limitation is her hearing, but even that isn't a very big challenge.  She found answers to questions that she has had for over 50 years.  Her husband has passed, she also has one daughter who died 2 years ago .  She still cries every day when she thinks of her.  Imagine her excitement when the Elders taught her about Eternal families.  She has two other daughters that are not interested at this time but were supportive of their mother.  There was a huge attendance at her baptism and now she has a large Church family who all love her and have welcomed her in. 

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